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On April 16th, 2011 James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, were tragically shot dead in Sarasota, Florida.

In their short lives, both James Cooper and James Kouzaris developed into wonderful, commendable young men with a zest for life and a love and respect for the world and humanity.

The projects we are funding include initiatives to encourage young people who are outside full time education and employment to re-engage with the education system or support them as they take their first steps into employment.

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Thank you to all who took part and donated for Seeds of Hope. We raised an incredible £2,000 for The Good Grief Trust where your generous donations will go a long way in helping others affected by violent crimes.

As always we had a wonderful response from you all and so many beautiful trees, plants, flowers and seeds were planted on the 16th April in memory of our two beloved boys.

It just shows how many were touched by these two and the AAC family are forever grateful for the effort and support we are given.




One Life Changed Could Be One Life Saved

Please help and support the victims of violent crimes and help young people make the right choices by donating today


COVID-19 has halted many fundraising events across the world, including our annual Murdered Aboard Conference. Vera Baird, Victims Commissioner, was due to attend this year and though it was unforunate we were unable to hear from her in person, she has shared with us this informative report on how COVID-19 has impacted victims and victim services.

‘Engage has been running for three years now and I can already see the impact it has had on the local area, the programme has worked with so many young people in my case load, they should be really proud of the difference they make’

~ Social Worker & Family Support

‘I don’t know where I would be without the Saints’ ‘I have been able to talk to people about my issues and they always find a way of helping me’

~ Engage Students

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Always a Chance has worked in partnership with Northamptonshire Community Foundation (NCF). All donations received are managed and administrated by NCF.

NCF are the leading independent grant-making charity in Northamptonshire and help organisations and individuals make the most of their charitable giving. Working with NCF we’re able to identify projects and good causes that will benefit and make an impact from donations we receive.

NCF are dedicated to funding community-based action which improves the lives of our county’s most disadvantaged people and communities. Child poverty, unemployment, homelessness, domestic violence and social isolation are just some of the issues they strive to tackle each year. For more information or to apply for a grant please visit their website www.ncf.uk.com